4 Reasons Why a Senior Loved One Isn’t Eating Enough

4 Reasons Why a Senior Loved One Isn’t Eating Enough

Are you worried about a senior parent’s diet? The Owls’ Nest Home Care Services explains why they’re eating less:

  1. They have problems with chewing.

    Has your loved one done a double-take when biting on food? Do they often complain about the texture of the food? This might be because they have dental issues. A fresh set of dentures helps them enjoy food and eat more.

    If a senior loved one eats less food despite good dental health, prepare meals that are filled with flavor. You don’t have to add extra salt. A garnish of herbs and spices will do the trick.

  2. They have medication that affects their sense of taste.

    Different pills come with different side effects. This, on top of advanced aging, can really affect one’s ability to discern food flavors. Consult your doctor about an alternative medication. You can also serve food that contains big amount of nutrients in small quantities.

  3. They have no ability to cook.

    Even if your senior loved one was a great cook back in the day, aging can curb their skills. It affects their joints and flexibility. Over time, even the simple task of preparing ingredients becomes a hurdle. Leave the task of meal preparation with the help of our home care agency in Riverside, California. We’ll whip them up a warm and healthy meal on demand.

  4. They have a dislike of eating alone.

    Loneliness is common in senior adults. If not given action promptly, loneliness can lead to depression as well. Home care services in Moreno Valley, California protects your loved one from it. Even when you’re not always around, you can make sure that your loved one is comfortable and eating well.

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