Ideas to Make the Elderly’s Daily Routine Exciting

Ideas to Make the Elderly’s Daily Routine Exciting

It’s inevitable for the elderly to fear aging as it entails loss of memory, less mobility, and a limited daily routine. We picture aging as a list of things to do such as taking medications, going to doctor’s appointments, and accomplishing household responsibilities. Our home care agency in Riverside, California believes otherwise! According to Stenberg College, recreational activities become therapeutic and beneficial for the elderly. Studies have shown that such activities have positive health effects such as reducing hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, and mental illnesses as they improve mobility, joint flexibility, and balance. Healthcare professionals testify to activities improving cognitive abilities, overall emotional and social well-being.

Here are recreational activities that you can incorporate in your senior loved one’s routine to make every day eventful and productive.

  • Exercise – medication is essential to the elderly’s health but keeping an active and mobile lifestyle is just as necessary.
  • Games – leave room for play that can challenge their cognitive skills. Try board games and puzzles.
  • Listening to music – ask them their type of music or research about their generation’s popular genre. Music has a way to speak to emotions.
  • Read stories – reading aloud to seniors can boost their imagination and creativity by engaging them in active storytelling.
  • Gardening – simple gardening can lessen stress and keep their mind sharp.
  • Walk in the park – no need to stay home, if your senior loved one agrees, they’ll surely enjoy the open space and new environment.

Having different activities part of their essential daily routine will keep them excited for the next day. The Owls’ Nest Home Care Services, a provider of home care services in Moreno Valley, California, will not stop at assisting your senior loved one and their physical needs but provides aid for their social and mental needs as well. Whether their needs lean towards meal preparation, personal assistance, or medication reminders, we are happy to engage them in recreational activities and help with other minor household and personal responsibilities. Make everyday fun and full of life for your senior loved one! We’re only a call away!

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