Living Alone? Here Are 7 Safety Tips for Seniors

Living Alone? Here Are 7 Safety Tips for Seniors

Living alone is nice. It’s liberating. But at the same time, it can be challenging. Note down these reminders to make your home safer.

  1. Lock the doors and windows

    Most especially in the night. Make it a habit to do rounds around the house and lock all possible entry points before turning in for bed.

  2. Prepare the list of emergency contacts by the phone

    If you’re tech-savvy and can set these up in speed dial, even better. It helps to be prepared because you can never know when accidents will occur.

  3. Check the smoke detector frequently

    Speaking of accidents, fires are among the few that are hard to catch. Thankfully, that can be prevented with a working smoke detector in place. Don’t forget to have a fire extinguisher at the ready too!

  4. Clear the walkway

    Carpets, electrical cords, ornaments – these are a few things that can cause a fall hazard. When there’s a hazard, your safety is at stake. Don’t worry, The Owls’ Nest Home Care Services can take care of it with light housekeeping.

  5. Verify the identity of utility/repairmen

    It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially nowadays when anyone can wear a uniform and fake ID. Always call the company number listed in the directory for verification.

  6. Consider the use of an emergency bracelet

    A lot of these bracelets can blend in with your everyday accessories. Plus, it helps you to get elderly care in California when you need it the most.

  7. Get the help of a home health aide

    If your relatives and friends can’t visit regularly, it’s okay. You can reach out to us instead.

Our home care services in Moreno Valley, California provide personal care and companionship. Our caregivers feel delighted to converse, interact, and spend time with you. On top of that, we’ll even help you with chores and errands.

With our help in tow, you’ll see that living alone is not so lonely after all. Book an appointment with us! All our contact details are available for you down below.

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