Online Safety Reminders for Seniors

Online Safety Reminders for Seniors

The era of the internet has definitely bridged gaps internationally. Now, you can connect with your loved ones with a few taps and clicks. Isn’t that amazing?

While the internet is indeed full of wonders, it doesn’t have a lack of dangers too. Luckily for you, The Owls’ Nest Home Care Services has a prepared a list of tips to keep you safer online:

  • Use a strong password

    Throw in a special character and a digit into your password. The less obvious it is to guess, the better. Don’t use only one password for all your accounts either! That will just make things easier for hackers.

  • Update your anti-virus frequently

    This will fortify your security against online attacks. If you’re not sure how to do this, call us. Our home care services in Moreno Valley, California makes independent living easier.

  • Do research

    Not sure about something on the internet? Did you see a deal that seems too good to be true? Remember, not everything you see online is real. Scams are littered everywhere. If you’re not careful, you can fall prey to it.

    Before you click on a decisive online action, make sure to read up on things. Do a bit of fact-checking! Type a question on the search bar of your internet browser. This will give you the info you need to make an informed choice.

  • Avoid giving out personal information

    As much as you can, don’t post contact details in public. Be wary of the posts you make on social media too. Most of all, be careful about responding to emails and direct messages.

    Some deviants try to pose as relatives or friends to steal your personal information. Which then, they will use to empty your bank account.

How We Can Help

We’re a home care agency in Riverside, California that can give you a hand. Let us know what you need help with. The set of services we offer will improve your aging experience. Visit our website for more details!

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