Talking About Home Care: Tips to Start the Conversation

Talking About Home Care: Tips to Start the Conversation

The roles have been reversed, and now you are responsible for the parent who raised you.

Your loved one may need assistance with bathing and grooming. The person who taught you how to drive is now asking you to drive them to and from their appointments. You constantly have to remind them to take their medications, otherwise, they won’t take them at all.

While this may be a reality, it is often a very sensitive and difficult subject for adult children and their parents. So, how exactly do you broach the subject of home care?

Here are some tips from The Owls’ Nest Home Care Services, a trusted home care agency in Riverside, California.

  • Discuss care preferences early and often – not just after a crisis arises.
    Don’t wait until a crisis happens before you start talking about home care. It is best to talk about possible care options early. Talk to your parents about their care preferences during their golden years. Would they want to move into a facility? Or would they rather stay at home? More often than not, seniors choose to stay at home, and this is when you can introduce them to home care services in Moreno Valley, California. Have these discussions over time to give your loved one enough time to consider their options.
  • Explore available care options and services together.
    Many seniors often resist the idea of home care due to the fear that they will lose their independence and privacy. To help ease their minds, offer to explore available care options and services together. As you do this research together, you can help them gain a better understanding of what home care is about and how it can help them. Doing this also shows that you respect their decisions and gives them a measure of control over their care.


Home care is often a sensitive topic, but it does not have to end in hurt feelings or a fight. By starting the conversation early, exploring options together, and respecting your parents’ wishes, you can help your aging parents live safely and happily at home.

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