Tips to Keep Seniors Safe from Falls at Home

Tips to Keep Seniors Safe from Falls at Home

Our aging loved ones who are homebound can be at risk of falls. As a home care agency in Riverside, California, we know that falls are something you want to prevent from happening. We are with you in that matter. So here are tips that can help you protect your senior loved ones from falls:

  • Supervise their Activities

    The elderly may be able to do things at their will. Yet, they may need someone to supervise and help them in finishing some tasks. When you keep them company, someone can quickly come to the rescue in case of falls.

  • Install Safety Measures

    Your home should have grab bars that seniors can hold on to. These bars will help keep them steady so that they will not fall or slip. Also, these bars should be placed by the door and at the slippery areas at home like the bathroom.

  • Put up Bright Lighting

    As a provider of home care services in Moreno Valley, California, we also encourage you to ensure that the lights at home are bright enough. There should be bright lighting in their rooms, at the hallways, and in areas where they frequently go to.

  • Place Non-Skid Mats

    The floors at home should also reduce the risk of falling. Place non-slippery mats so that your elderly loved ones will have lesser chances of slipping or tripping on something. Non-skid mats should also be on kitchen and bathroom floors.

  • Clear Clutters

    The little clutters can cause trips especially for seniors with vision challenges. They don’t clearly see the pathways at home. For that, we must maintain cleanliness and organization at home. Providers of elderly care in California can help you with that.

Indeed, we cannot anticipate these fall accidents from happening. But, it is also true that we can reduce their occurrence. For help in achieving this, contact us at The Owls’ Nest Home Care Services.

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